Urban / Field – Ciara Rodgers & Fiona Kelly

Cork Printmakers are delighted to present Urban | Field at Cork Printmakers Studio

This exhibition Urban | Field investigates ideas of ecology, dereliction, waste and sustainability. The works examine ruins and the repurposing of space and materials within urban, rural and periphery spaces.
Ciara Rodgers walks the city documenting dilapidated or vacant spaces and buildings in polaroid form. Her works in drawing and print reimagine derelict buildings shrouded or concealed by fabrics and banners. Rodgers work draws attention to these disused spaces, highlighting the potential for how “the built environment has both a direct and indirect effect on physical senses, moods, emotions, and motivations”.
Fiona Kelly makes sculptural objects and printed matter utilising her archive of foraged waste made up of both natural and man made debris. These “natural and manmade constituents are altered and arranged to narrate human interactions with land and a demarcation of time.”
Through embodied research and field work Rodgers and Kelly document, collect and preserve found materials, objects and places; utilising the mediums of drawing, printmaking, sculpture and photography. This archival approach highlights often unseen or unspoken narratives of urban, rural and industrial land use.
This exhibition is the first of a year-long programme of exhibitions and events at Cork Printmakers Studio Gallery that explore themes of climate change, sustainability, biodiversity and the environmental crisis.

27th October – 24th November
Exhibition Opening Times: Monday – Friday 10-1pm