A Vimeo Exhibition 

Host is an exhibition by Cork Printmakers in partnership with Sample-Studios at Tactic Gallery, The Lord Mayors Pavilion, Cork, Ireland, featuring the work of four artists: Aoife Claffey, Jennifer Cummins, Diane Keating and Rory O’ Mahony. These four artists are recipients of Cork Printmakers’ graduate bursary awards, from Limerick School of Art and Design and CIT Crawford College of Art and Design.

In partnership with Sample-Studios, Cork Printmakers invited their graduate bursary award recipients to exhibit their work at the Lord Mayor’s Pavilion in August in a slightly different format to usual, presenting work as part of the artists’ expanded printmaking practice. The artists’ work is exhibited in a way that visitors to Fitzgerald’s Park can view it through the windows, without the need to enter the building.

You can also view the work online following documentation. The placement of the work in an online space questions the traditional exhibition format: how can galleries present work and how do audiences engage with art in this new age of physical distancing and restrictions?

Image: “Wild Man of the Woods” by Jennifer Cummins, Screen Print, 2019.