Engaging with a Space In-between is a solo exhibition by Catherine Hehir that delves into the concept of printmaking as an archaeological exploration and the ritual of slow making as a form of resistance and care.

The exhibition which features sculptural installations is born out of an extended period of research by Hehir informed by print traditions, tools, language, and sound. Hehir’s multidisciplinary approach uses the casted object as a form of interactive printmaking, where visitors can actively engage with the work.

The work serves as a means of preserving and protecting cultural heritage across generations. By utilising  Shui Yin woodblock brushes as both tools and subjects, the artist engages in a process that goes beyond conventional printmaking. These objects carry historical and cultural significance, offering insights into the traditions and practices of ancient civilizations.

This exhibition is presented as part of a series of exhibition’s taking place in 2024 for Cork Printmakers Climate Action Exhibition programme at Cork Printmakers Studio Gallery. Future exhibitions in the series are: DIG WHERE WE STAND, Aoife Barrett and Kate O’Shea (May-July 2024) and ARCTIC ARCHIVE, Elize De Beer (Oct – Nov 2024).