Ah Go On!



Ah Go On! is an experimental exhibition that investigates, through artist intervention and performative modes of presentation, the central role that mundane acts and rituals can play within the context of identity and rebellion.

The subject of this investigation is obscured by the intentional omission of artworks from the offset. Each Thursday at 1pm, over a four-week period, the audience are invited to performative interventions, where the exhibition will evolve; transforming and shifting as work is added, removed and rearranged. A final event on 17 November will mark the culmination of this process, at which point the full intention of the works will be presented and understood.

BAN-EEE-UKT is a collaborative partnership between artist Lynn-Marie Dennehy and curatorial-practitioner Nic Flanagan. Together their work finds ways of highlighting and disrupting hegemonic systems through interactive performative events, printed media and installation works.

Lynn-Marie Dennehy’s work explores the space between culture, art and resistance. Her goal is to find ways of reflecting the contradictions within our own society through her work, oscillating between the irony of post-modernism and the sincerity of modernism. She does this by building contradictions into the work and exposing the making process. She plays with scale and materiality to create a deliberate friction within the work that allows for different interpretations.
Nic Flanagan’s research-based art and curatorial practices examine progressive programming, theories of interaction and disruption within arts spaces as a means for autonomous and respectful interactions between artists, galleries and communities. Works are designed with a playful, tongue in cheek reproach to Irish culture, both as an internal figure and a disconnected audience member.

Cork Printmakers Studio Gallery is a space for presenting work developed or produced within the studio below, and aims to present contemporary and expanded print practice by members and partners of Cork Printmakers. The gallery celebrates printmaking as an active medium for collaboration, experimentation and exchange.

Ah Go On! is part of a series of exhibitions at Cork Printmakers Studio Gallery that look at different approaches and interpretations of expanded printmaking and the diverse practices of Cork Printmakers artists who work across disciplines from printmaking, sculpture, video and performance.

Exhibition Schedule:
1pm 27 October: Initial Conversation
1pm 3 November: Performative Intervention (Instagram live & in person event)
1pm 10 November: Performative Intervention (Instagram live & in person event)
6pm 17 November Finissage / Final Intervention
24 November: Exhibition Closes